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The Digital Age has scaled Dune to an iconic level in the Sci-Fi genre.


Esther is a Ph.D candidate in Philosophy/Science of Philosophy. She prefers not to philosophize during her free time, enjoys creating new muffin recipes, and obsesses over small puppies (specifically Huskies).

Frank Herbet was born in 1920. Growing up during the Great Depression his young mind could envision worlds and histories that no man had walked on, and no civilization had experienced. But even the prophetic visions he had did not foretell the social media age. A period in which his imagination would become indelibly etched into the digital universe. A period in which Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest would preserve and evolve the worlds he created.
OMNI does not distinguish one Digital Dune Footprint (DDFP) over another, and the following list is randomly numbered. OMNI pays homage to those Dune fans who commit themselves to maintaining the Dune legacy. These individuals honor the memory of Frank Herbert by evolving the worlds he imagined as a young boy. The digital revolution has allowed for a Dune idealogical evolution.
Think of it as the Jimmy Fallon show of Dune Fandom. Providing your daily recommended dose of Dune, you can expect to find artwork, articles, websites, songs, parodies, news, and any other media content that relates to Dune on Daily Dune. (That's a lot of Dunes.) It is important for their to be a pop culture element to Dune. All great movements driven by the few, succeed with the voice of many.
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A genius mash up of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes and the philosophy of Frank Herbert's Dune on Calvin & Muad'Dib. The two complement each other seamlessly. One can only wonder why one would take the risk on such a thematically high brow concept. But as the people of Arrakis learn, only with great risk, comes great reward. I would like to see a Calvin and Hobbes Lord of The Rings mash up, but will table that conversation for another article.


Curated by the creator of Calvin and Hobbes x Dune (see above), Everything Dune is a digital gallery dedicated to Dune inspired art. Dune Inspired Art has become a broad definition for what was once a tightly controlled community of fandom gate keepers. Everything Dune has created the right balance for both the traditionalist and the more contemporary styles of the evolving Science Fiction Sub Genre.


The political, scientific, and social fictional setting of Herbert's Dune novels and derivative works is known as the Dune universe, or Duniverse. A story of a time, tens of thousands of years in the future, the saga describes a civilization which has outlawed artificial intelligence and has simultaneously developed advanced technology and mental and physical abilities. With all of the wisdom that comes from the Duniverse it is a fan demand to have a site dedicated toward preserving the Quotes of Dune Dune Quotes.


Heck Yeah Dune is cool. It needs more content, and a bit more of a defined philosophy, but basically it is a site for those who like the Spice. I am not saying it is a stoner's site, though that may account for the great launch with limited content. But it has the potential to define what is Dune Chic and the Dune style. We may soon see a line of Dune inspired formal dress wear,


What is really interesting about Dan's Dune Pinterest is how agnostic he remains within the spectrum of works and visuals. The film and TV, all too often treated as step children by the novel purists are given equal footing as the literature. In admiring the film and TV, Dan allows for a new generation of fans to be indoctrinated through a more superficial medium, but one that opens the gate to the entire Dune World.
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It's Jodorowsky's Dune, need more be said? The 2013 American documentary film directed by Frank Pavich has reignited Sci-Fi's passion for all things Dune. The film explores Chilean-French director Alejandro Jodorowsky's unsuccessful attempt to adapt and film Frank Herbert's 1965 science fiction novel Dune in the mid-1970s. The site is a testament to Jodorowsky's brilliance as well as a vintage period of Sci-Fi film making the likes of which we will never see again. It is a must for new and old fans alike.


Frank Herbert Pinterest is like an infinite scroll through the mind of a genius. Dune won the Hugo Award in 1966, and the inaugural Nebula Award for Best Novel, it is the world's best-selling science fiction novel. Journeying through this site gives one both perspective on the importance of the novels as well as their vast influence over the science fiction genre in general.


Weird Master is cool. Weird's site is for those who enjoy a bit of Melange before the peruse a site. That is not to say that it is a stoner site for Duneies but it has a triply feel to its imagery and a randomness that allows one to perceive their own order. Weird has created a Dune site to get lost in.
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Dune Art Group is a collective of artists with the intention of bringing Frank Herbert's Dune universe to life through their artwork. Another way to describe it is The Vogue of Dune. As with all 10 listed sites, it brings an element uniquely its own to the Dune Fan Collective. The Dune Art Group, brings style, to content that in the wrong hands might have felt dreary and tired. When looking for what to wear to the next big Dune Party, look no further than the concept art of The Dune Art Group.




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